Hello and welcome in your FOX ALPHATANGO training space!

This training space is made available by the French Civil Aviation authorities in order to provide you with the necessary knowledge to remotely pilot an aircraft in complete safety and to obtain the training certificate required by regulations to use a remotely piloted aircraft weighing more than 800 grams.

What does the Fox AlphaTango Portal contain?
The "I'm learning" module contains the training videos, whose full viewing is required to access the test.
The "I'm training" module contains optional but highly recommended training exercises.
The module "I take my online test" contains 20 multiple choice questions; a correct answer to all questions is required to obtain the training certificate. You may try as many times as you want.
The "Toolbox" module contains links to useful resources to use your remotely piloted aircraft safely and in compliance with regulations.

To find out how to access the test and obtain the training certificate, click here.
It's your turn!
In case of a problem, please contact assistance-fox-alphatango@aviation-civile.gouv.fr